For Parents

Hello everyone.  I thought I would offer a few thoughts on homework as every teacher approaches this differently.  I only assign pieces when practice is necessary to aid in understanding an idea.  I do not assign work for the sake of work itself as this is not an effective learning support in my view. The most important homework pieces will center on lab designs of the the students own creation and reading selections to support in-class discussions, etc.. AP experiences are designed to mirror college courses and so there will be something to do most nights.   Journals are critical in my class as they are the primary document for demonstrating work and understanding in my classes.  They should be neat,complete and well organized.  I keep a list of items that should be there updated on this site so you can check in on the progress of your student.   I grade students on a proficiency scale that is essentially a series of weighted averages tied to science standards, both national and state.  In this system, students have multiple opportunities to demonstrate understanding of any given idea and I have found this to be a far more accurate and fair approach to assessment than total point systems. I am looking forward to working with your student and if you have questions on any of this please feel free to contact me.

Proficiency Grading: A Description of How It Works

Proficiency Grading