A description of Pacific Northwest forests in terms of their collective characteristics:

7 Traits of PNW Forests

Trees talk – sounds like an odd concept, but new advances in research on how forests are structured below the ground suggests that trees are networked together through their roots and intertwining funghi and are capable of nutrient exchange.

Forest Connectivity

Suzanne Simard and her research group have produced some of the best experiments on record for attempting to understand forests.  The following link is for her most recent TED talk titled “How Trees Talk to Each Other”.


Succession: Disturbance and How Forests Change PPT


Written Description of Secondary Succession



Invasive species, disturbance and forest succession. Source: Science August 2015.  Article documents the emergence of the wooly adelgid in the eastern US and how this tiny insect has spelled the end of eastern hemlock forests.

Battling a Giant Killer

Richard Preston: The Mysterious Lives of Giant Trees.  Preston, a science writer, describes the redwoods of the western United States which are some of the oldest living things on the planet.


Ecology from the Air

Measuring Earth’s Rivers

Science-2014-Turner-301-2 (1) remote sensing

Beavers, Rebooted

Of Owls and Forests



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