Lichen Data Due Monday

Happy surveying everyone – be sure you can ID your trees.  Bring in a leaf or get a picture if in doubt – and the same for lichens as well.

Notebooks, Quadrats & a Short Week Next

Don’t forget to update your table of contents and keep articles taped with their respective note pages.  Quadrats need to migrate home and we will be using them as part of an experimental design to be set up next week.  Only homework concerns would be for those who need to fill in missing items from the past few weeks.

Weekend Homework due Monday Oct. 2

If you missed class go to the next available page in your notebook and create something that looks like the diagram below.  If you were present you already have this set up. Notes for the TED talk by Richard Preston go with the redwood to the left.  Notes for the article Battling a Giant Killer go with the eastern hemlock to the right. To be stamped out Monday.

Redwood and Hemlock

Monday Night Homework: Succession

In your notebook there is a drawing of a succession sequence.  Read the written description that is posted in the Ecology section of my website and add dates, drawing details and written descriptions of what is occurring over time in the forest to our starting image sequence.  Next, access the ppt. and add notes for Oregon from the Landsat video sequence and in particular notes from the diagram from Science that shows how elements of a forest recover after a disturbance event – note time frames for each.