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Happy Summer!

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If you have missing pieces from the past seven weeks complete them and email items to me.

Week 7 May 26-29th Endgame: How Do We Help Birds?


Anna’s Hummingbird foraging for small insects hiding in the lichens.

Week 7 Instructions

Week 7 Instructions: Instructions for week 7 of May 26-29th

The Last Volume: Final Installment of the classic “What’s That Bird?”

Link for Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s 7 Things to HelpBirds

Link for the jaw drop amazing Animal Homes: the Nest

Birds of Oregon: Field Guide for What’s That Bird

Week 6 May 18-22nd Corvid Intelligence: Just How Smart are Crows?


American Crow in Salem, Oregon.

Instructions Week 6 May 18-22nd

Week 6 Instructions

What’s That bird Volume 6

Birds of Oregon

Link to Joshua Klein’s TED Talk

Link to NYT Article on Crows & Tools

Link for Crows & Tool Use

Week 5 May 11-15th Bird Brains & Behavior & What Exactly are They Thinking????

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Western Tanager this week at Minto Brown.

Week 5 Instructions May 11-15th

Week 5 Instructions: Instructions for Week 5 May 11-15th.

How to Dance Tros Style: Kind of like the prom, isn’t it?

Snowball! A Sulphur-crested Cockatoo suggests humans are not the only ones thinking. Watch the video clip first and try to keep up with this bird.  Your notes from the video and article go on the template or create your own pizzazzy fullpage version in your notebook.  Send an image to Mr Dey when done.

Note Template for Bird Brains: Notes go inside the bird, outside the bird, around the border of the bird or any combination thereof – you choose.

Volume 5 of What’s that Bird.  Send your choices to Mr Dey.

Birds of Oregon Field guide for What’s that Bird


Week 4 May 4-8th Bird Navigation or Just How do Birds Get from Point A to Point B?

DSC_7247 noise r

Wilson’s Warbler at Minto Brown Saturday morning.

Week 4 Instructions

Week 4 Instructions PPT of the above and what to do for this week.

Bird Navigation PPT 

Cornell Note Template Week 4: Print or create one in your notebook as we did last week.  Full page.

What’s that Bird Volume 4: Using the Birds of Oregon field guide ID this set of birds.

Birds of Oregon: Field guide for Whats that Bird Volume 4

Link for Bird Migration Forecast: Go back one week and play each nights radar map.  Summarize the past weeks migrations and email to me.


Yellow-rumped Warbler at Minto Brown early Saturday morning.

Week 3 April 27-30: The Evolution of Modern Birds

Week 3 Instructions

Week 3 Instructions: PPT of the Above Image

Evolution of Birds: PPT on the Evolution of Birds

Video: The Origin of Birds

Video: The Origin of Flight

Cornell Note Template Week 3: Print and use for notes for the evolution of birds (if needed).  Or create one in your notebook – full page

What’s That Bird Volume 3

Birds of Oregon:

Cornell Red-tail Hawk Cam



Common Yellow-throated Warbler at Minto Brown Island Park this week.

Week 2 April 20-24th: eBird & Where the Birds Are

Instructions for Week 2: Mr Dey on Video for Only 6 Minutes!

Week 2 Instructions

Week 2 Instructions: PPT slide of the Above Image

Introduction to eBird Video

Common Bird Template: For printing or copying into your notebook.

eBird Introduction: PPT for What to Do on eBird Using the Common Bird Template

Cornell FeederWatch Cam: Watch for at least 10 minutes & ID birds and record behavior.

What’s That Bird Volume 2: Using the Birds of Oregon field guide ID this set of birds

Birds of Oregon: Field guide for Whats that Bird Volume 2

Mountain Bluebird on the Zumwalt Praire of NE Oregon.  The color of his feathers are due to the refractive properties of his feathers, not a pigment.

DSC_7556-2 cr

Week 1 April 13-17th: What’s That Bird!? & Where the Birds Are

Week 1 Video Short Parts 1 & 2


Week 1

Week 1 Instructions

Birds of Paradise

PPT One: Where the Birds Are

Avian Biogeography Map Template

Whats That Bird 2020

Birds of Oregon

Why Birds Matter to Us

Birders: The Central Park Effect