DSC_9049Greater Egret at Minto Brown Park Last Weekend



Above & Below: An American Bald Eagle at Ankheny last weekend – many eagles migrate to Oregon in winter from the Northwest Territories of Canada then had back north in the early spring for nesting season.  This particular bird is immature and just starting to shift over to the classic white head and tail feathers which signify a fully mature bird.  Note the talons!


A golden-crowned sparrow searches for insects sitting atop a yarrow seed head at Minto Brown.  This bird only spends the fall and winter in Oregon then migrates north to the arctic in spring to nest.

DSC_6022 crop

A migratory dragonfly heading south pauses at Minto Brown.


Immature Red-tail Hawk at Ankheny Today



Above: thermographic image of forest surveyor’s!

Hurricane IRMA the morning of September 8th as recorded from space by the NOAA.

Hurricane Irma

Totality in Salem August 21st as Recorded by Mr Dey.1

Eclipse sequence composed of 7 still images layered into a single frame.Untitled-1